By partnering with denominations and local churches, the Make Disciples Initiative seeks to support local congregations as they pursue the Great Commission to go and make disciples. We don’t just theorize about discipleship or create a new discipleship program. We want to help churches locate discipleship at the core of their mission.

Make Disciples is not an educational program. It is a collaborative consulting engagement in which local churches come together with the common goal of being and making disciples.


The Make Disciples Initiatives consists of six collaborative discussion forums related to topics designed to help participants consider the theological nature of discipleship, as well as the organizational and relational challenges associated with motivating believers to be intentional about discipleship.

Forum topics include leading toward a discipleship culture, theology and practice of discipleship, and key aspects for reinforcing discipleship.


There is no one-size-fits-all discipleship program. While every local congregation is called to be and make disciples, the challenges facing a given congregation in making discipleship core to their mission will likely differ.

The Make Disciples Initiative employees techniques from consulting practice to construct a tailored plan for approaching discipleship and helping their church move from a current to a desired state.


Theory and planning without intentional action won’t move the church’s efforts of being and making disciples forward. The Make Disciples Initiative works with those who are implementing strategies within a local context providing ongoing guidance, support, and accountability.

The implementation phase involves peer-to-peer coaching, as well as interaction with identified experts.

…we will need to reconsider what it means to make disciples in a context where our ability to fulfill virtually every fleeting desire may well keep us from cultivating the deeper longings of our heart. We need to be diligent in creating a community where disciples may be formed. Disciples for whom a deepening knowledge of God is paramount.

Thinking Christian: Essays on Testimony, Accountability, and the Christian Mind



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