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What if the biggest theological challenge we face in the church today is our willingness to allow who God is to be eclipsed by who we conceive Him to be? How can we tell when we’ve stopped thinking theologically? What if the challenges we face as the body of Christ are of our own making? We need to make these questions a more prominent part of our conversations. We need to show the world who God is and what it means to live with Him. To do so, we will need to be diligent, patient, humble, and wise as we seek to engage in truly Christian thought. Next Gen Christians addresses these and other challenges facing the body of Christ through theology.

I have always intended Next Gen Christians to be a collaborative effort. As such, I accept submissions from new writers who can contribute unique, biblically sound, theological thought to the Thinking Christian Blog.  If you are interested in submitting to ngc, please contact NGC.

Write for NGC.

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